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Year 6! Happy Anniversary Jerrel Moore @

About Us

The Shea Family 

Hi Shea Family, 


My name is Gretchen Moore, and I am a Kentucky girl with full southern flair. I love mason jars and mint sweet tea in the summer. I'm originally from Bowling Green, Ky home of the corvette and home to Big Red (Go TOPs!). My husband Jerrel Moore is from the Magnolia State, born in Jackson, MS, raised in Clinton. We met September 2011 at Mississippi State University #HailState. Jerrel took me off the market on 12-1-12 when he bent down on one knee at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.


We jumped the broom on June 7, 2014, and the entire day was magical. We have one son Clarkson, and we're expecting our second Jackson. We currently reside in Birmingham, AL. We have slowly developed a network of friends who have become family and neighbors who have become our village. 


Our hope for the blog is to amplify Black Motherhood and Black voices. We genuinely have a passion for serving others and helping people where we failed. We are always healing, learning, and exploring in this thing called life. We are excited to share our journey of mental health, marriage, and parenting. 


Thank you for your time, your thoughts, and reflection.


#TheSheamom #SheaFamily 

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