Halloween Saftey Tips.

We’re days away from trick-or-treating. The kids are super excited to get candy and wear their costumes again. I have provided some safety tips to keep Halloween safe and fun. These safety tips for parents, children, and homeowners will help keep everyone happy this Halloween.


  1. Wear reflective gear at night or carry flashlights.

  2. Costumes should fit properly to prevent trips and falls. Avoid oversized shoes, high heels, long dresses, and long capes.

  3. Try not to wear masks. It's hard for kids to see what's around them, making them unrecognizable.

  4. Keep kids out of the roads. Try to remain on the sidewalks.

  5. Only go to houses that are well-lit or have the front light on.

  6. Check all candy & snacks before consumption.

  7. Put your child’s name, address, and phone number on their costume.

For Children and youth:

  1. Always stay with your group. Never leave alone.

  2. Don’t visit houses that are not well-lit. Never go inside a stranger’s home.

  3. Don’t go back and forth across the street. Work your way up one side of the road, then start on the other.

  4. Wear reflective gear.

For homeowners:

  1. Turn on outdoor lights and replace lights that are out.

  2. Remove items from your yard or porch that might be a hazard.

  3. Consider children with food allergies. Instead of candy, maybe give out stickers or small toy items. (Party City has great options like this).

Alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating. Check your local community for the following:

  1. Truck or treats.

  2. Fall festivals.

  3. Plan a Halloween night at home or with friends.

  4. Have fun!

P.S. We found our costumes on Amazon. For busy parents, Amazon is always a win!