Welcome to The Shea Mom

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Welcome to The Shea Mom 

Hi Shea Moms, Friends, and Supporters! My name is Gretchen Moore, and I'm so excited to launch my blog, The Shea Mom. After birthing the idea of starting a blog, my husband and I sat on the couch thinking of blog names, and 'Shea' was our first thought. In our household, we use Shea Butter and Shea moisturizer for absolutely everything. If you've ever used Shea products, you feel refreshed, restored, and rejuvenated. That's the feeling I had during my healing from postpartum depression and anxiety. 

After childbirth, I yearned for the feeling of beauty and feeling like myself again. I wanted the old Gretchen back. My hair slowly started to fall out from anxiety-induced stress, and my body didn't feel like my own. I was unaware of who I had swiftly begun to become. I'm a naturally curly girl, but I also love me a good wig! Long, short, and in between. I love them all! (okay)! But... I started to feel ugly inside and out. I was miserable. I eventually cut all of my hair, and my husband moisturized my hair with Shea moisturizer. I remember grabbing his hand and smelling the soft scent and immediately starting to cry. My tears flowed because I felt a need for change, and I didn't know how to move forward. 

The Shea Mom is dedicated to Black women and Black voices. I decided to center the blog around my identity after being in group sessions and being the only Black woman in the room. I knew Black women had to be having these experiences, but I couldn't find anyone to relate to. Once I began to open up about my experience, Black women close to me started to share. I thought, to myself, why didn't you all tell me this would happen? I felt so underprepared for what many call the 4th trimester. I hope this blog gives you hope and strength to move forward and heal. 

Let our journey begin!

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