Moving? Hire Movers!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I have 99 problems and Moving, not one!

As a parent, the words “Hey, I was offered a new job, and now we have to move.” These words can bring about tons of anxiety. I want to help ease your stress with these three major components.

Hire Movers:

My husband and I have had our share of moving. We've moved without kids and with. Moving with kids is the most challenging thing we've ever done. The first time we moved, we did not have movers. We learned a valuable lesson, and when we moved to Nashville, we hired a moving company. Moving Solutions is a full-service moving company, and I strongly recommend them. They pack all of your items and store them in their warehouse facility. If you’re a super-organized person, or even if you’re not, they color coordinate all the boxes and label them for you.

Let’s get into the details of Moving Solutions. I’m here to provide you with a solution to your moving problems.

Moving Solutions is local to Nashville, but they also travel all over the United States. They will provide a moving estimate at no cost to you. If you’re moving because of job relocation, they will work within your moving relocation package and provide you with the best offer.

The staff at Moving Solutions is also fully trained, and the process is seamless. The same company that moves you out of your old house is the same company that moves you into your new home! Seriously when I say they move all of your belongings and pack, I mean that. They packed our entire home in one week. They wrapped kitchen utensils, clothes, my wigs (lol). Everything! Hiring Moving Solutions was the best decision ever! The staff was also great and on time!

The movers arrived at our home, and we took out items we needed in advance and packed them in our luggage. Since we were moving during the crazy market, we packed a month's worth of clothes and laundry detergent. The essential moving items we packed for a month to stay in an extended stay were the following:

A. Pack basics. Undergarments, five pairs of pants, ten tops, five pairs of pajamas, and five pairs of shoes.

B. Pack daily toiletries.

C. Pack 4 kid toys and four books to rotate.

Moving Solutions also ensured us our items would be packed neatly. I am a stickler about my home decor, and they made sure all of my glass pumpkins were wrapped correctly. We are still taking paper off our decor items and sending it to recycling. They shrink-wrap and use pads for all delicate items such as furniture to avoid damaging your house when leaving or your assets. Did I mention that Moving Solutions is a fully licensed and insured moving company! Yes, they are trained! It made perfect sense that they were trained, and I’m thankful they are. Knowing this provided trust as the customer. I trusted them to enter our home, and I felt comfortable knowing they would pack and store our items and not throw them around.

Storage Unit

Moving to a busy city such as Nashville will require a storage unit. Moving solutions has you fully covered with a storage unit, so while you’re searching for a home, you don’t have to worry about your belongings. The city is moving fast to build new homes and flipping houses; however, COVID did slow things down. Within the past two months, construction has picked back up. With this in mind having a storage unit for your items until you find your new home saves you the hassle of keeping them on a truck. The storage units in Nashville are controlled by temperature and are secure. Our items were in a storage unit for a month, and everything was returned to us safely.


The hardest part of moving is realizing you have a lot of stuff. If you can’t hire movers, then decluttering will make your moving process more manageable. Not only did I donate items to my local Goodwill, but I also sold items on Facebook market. We made $400 by selling things we no longer used or needed.

To start the declutter process, look at all your clothes and set aside the items you can no longer fit. Stop trying to go back, move forward and wear your new beautiful size. Also, to declutter, remove old papers, books, old coffee cups. My rule of thumb is seven coffee mugs and four water bottles. Remove old Tupperware bowls, and donate old kitchen items. It’s okay to outgrow your grandmother's kitchen set.

The crew at Moving Solutions was very professional, and we’re thankful we had a team to support our move and ease the stress and anxiety that comes with moving with small kids.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Hire Moving Solutions to support your big move either around the corner or long distance in the Nashville area, and remember, decorate each room one room at a time!

Hire Moving Solutions! I got 99 problems but moving, not 1!

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