Nashville Eats and Date Night

If you see Jerrel and me without the kids, know it's a date night! "No cap" is what the young kids say. So, "no cap" when we date night, we run the bill. You deserve to treat yourself once a month. Your marriage deserves it. As parents, we deserve it. We value the time together.

Okay, so let's get into the details of this hot new spot!

Waitress, run the table. We want all the tapas! From the peach BBQ candid yams glazed mac and cheese to the speakeasy vibes, I felt like I was in D.C. But, I was in Nashville. If you've experienced D.C. Nightlife, then you know.

EGMC is a vibe, and the food is even better. Date Night just got a little hotter in Nashville, TN. Check out the newest spot, EGMC. My husband and I love a good date night with a cocktail. The details are in the ice, literally. The logo is in the ice cubes, and the owners did not miss a beat.

The hostess hands each table a bookmark, and on the back, you can find famous quotes from authors such as James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, and Maya Angelo.

I can only imagine that when they created EGMC, they desired to bring culture to life over cocktails and good food.

Head there now and thank me later!

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